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Government Of Assam Printing & Stationery

Apply to get printing works done through the Department



  • Application for printing work: – Application / Request for printing works is to be submit to Director, Printing & Stationery, Assam
  • Documents: – Application / Request should accompany with necessary documents.
  • NOC : – NOC is to be obtained if the printing works are done through registered printing press.


To maintain quality of printing as well as to ensure the rationality and  uniformity of the rates of various Govt. Department and its subordinate offices, Assam Govt. Press should undertake such printing works except urgent & immediate nature of printing works.

Application Process

Concerned Department or offices should approach Director, Printing & Stationery with necessary particulars of the printing works that is required to be done.

In case of urgent and immediate nature of printing works and if the Assam Govt. Press is preoccupied with other urgent works, then subject to issuance of an NOC from Printing & Stationery Department, concerned Department can get the work done from eligible registered press(s) by observing all required formalities.

Accompanying documents

Specimen copies, number of copies to be printed, time frame, place of delivery and any other important documents.

Whom to contact

Director, Directorate of Printing & Stationery, Assam, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati -21.

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