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Government Of Assam Printing & Stationery

What We Do

  • Printing & Stationery Department is responsible for developing high quality printing facility for all Government Departments on a self sufficient basis and organizing an efficient centralized procurement and distribution system for supply of stationery to Government offices.

    The main functions of the department are:

    • To supply office stationery articles and papers & different kinds of schedule & non-schedule forms to all state Govt. offices of the entire state through Directorate of Printing & Stationery.
    • To print non-schedule forms of offices of the Corporate Bodies, Boards etc. on payment basis.
    • To ensure timely printing & publishing of notifications in the Assam Gazette.
    • To ensure printing & supply of Govt. Diaries, Calendars, and Engagement pads.
    • To ensure printing works of confidential matters like Ballot papers, Budget related documents, Assembly questions etc.
    • To register private Printing Presses of the State.
    • To deal with various establishment matters of the Directorate of Printing & Stationery, Assam
    • To minimize all expenditure in procurement of office stationeries, papers etc.